Testo Drive 365 Novice Running Arrangement on cell phone For a brisk interview of the amateur running arrangement, previously or amid the preparation, it will be helpful to remember in the program top picks of your cell phone the accompanying location: Program to run novice level . The introduction of the sessions is upgraded for the span of most cell phones in picture mode. plan on cell phone Running hardware start in this sport is that they quickly notice a clear progress in their tone and muscular volume, appearance and general well-being. That generates a logic euphoria and crazy hobby to training, which usually leads to increase its frequency and intensity, under the hasty idea that "if I've been so normal training, training very strong will be the bomb." And so it falls into overtraining, which can be defined as an intensity and frequency of training such that prevents the muscle recovering assimilating, in the necessary time of rest, the nutrients you need for growth. Overtraining can give symptoms (chronic fatigue, sudden demotivation to training, headaches, lack of strength, overexcitation, insomnia) or not. The best and safest thing is to train always in the frame of appropriate intensity and frequency. The consequences of overtraining are several and all of them very negative, but two stand out: 1. Stagnation or even decrease in muscle volume , as a consequence of that non-recovery of the muscle, which is forced to deplete its own reserves of nutrients. 2. Propensity to the appearance of muscular injuries . So, it is a very important concept to consider and we must respect. If you think you may be overtraining, consult a specialist. 5. Pause time 6. Tips for the training plan to gain muscle mass It takes a lot of time, effort and a well structured training plan to get good musculature. Only if you train with a "plan" will you gain muscle mass in the long term. A training plan to achieve the goal of gaining muscle mass is based mainly on strength training, in which basic exercises and isolation exercises are the main element. The goal is to encourage muscle growth by subjecting it to continuous stimulation. FUNDAMENTALS OF THE TRAINING PLAN TO GAIN MUSCLE MASS A training plan to gain muscle mass poses different demands to athletes. In principle, it